Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas and got to over indulge in too much food and dodgy telly! I had a hectic but lovely Christmas, divided between Clare and Wicklow so lot’s of travel but great to catch up with family (although not enough time for friends this year unfortunately!)

Full steam ahead now for 2013 and looking forward to the new experiences it may bring both in life and work. My main hope this year is to grow my business every way I can so planning to develop my web design skills a whole lot more while keeping the pace in print and packaging design. Thanks to everyone who put business my way last year (very much appreciated!) and hoping to work with lots of very interesting clients this year.

If you are a business or individual keen to develop a logo or brand or need packaging or print collateral of any kind please contact me, I would love to design it for you!

On a personal level I have one other resolution following a comment by my sweet 4 year old the other day when he asked me “Mum why are you dressed like a man?” Think it’s time to try ditch the jeans in 2013!